Team SuperFit TriState Workout 3


WALL BALLS (20/14)


15 BOX JUMPS (24/20)

15 DEADLIFTS (185/125 RX) (135/85 N)


Rules:  The workout will start with 4 minutes of Wall Balls.  At the 4 minute mark teams will immediately begin the 6 minute Amrap.  Only one person may work at time and teams may break up the work in any manner.  Score will be total reps.

Wall Balls: The athlete must pass through a full squat (hip crease below the knee) and contact the line/target at or above the appropriate level.

Deadlifts:  Must be pulled from the floor each rep with the hips and knees fully extended at the top of the movement with the shoulders behind the bar.  NO BOUNCING!

Box Jump:  Athletes must jump with two feet and land on top of the box and extend their hips and knees before coming off the box.  Athletes may rebound or step down.  NO STEP UPS!