Team SuperFit San Antonio Workout 3

6 Minute Cap

120 Double Unders (120 Singles Scaled)

60 DEADLIFTS (205/135 RX) (155/105 N)

30 FRONT SQUATS (155/105 RX) (135/85 N)


Rules:  Teams will get 6 minutes to finish the chipper.  Only one teammate works at a time.  Teammates may switch at any point.  Teams are responsible for changing their own weights.



Double Unders:  The rope must pass under the feet twice for a rep to count.  If the rope is trapped under the feet on the second pass, the rep DOES NOT COUNT.  

Deadlifts:  The athlete must finish with hips and knees fully extended with the shoulders behind the bar.  No “bouncing” is allowed!

Front Squat:  The hip crease must pass below the knee, returning to a standing position with the hips and knees fully extended.