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SuperFit Games, the premier event series in the Mid-Atlantic, is expanding across the country, and looking for local gyms to host SuperFit Games Events.

Hosting a SuperFit event is a great way get your gym’s name out there to the greater community, as well as challenge your current members to test themselves in a competition environment.

We are seeking gyms to host SuperFit events. These events vary in scope but are typically 200+ competitors. We expect host gyms to have a good reputation in the community, a large membership base willing to volunteer, and the facility and equipment to run an event of this size.

We make hosting a large, well-known competition a low stress experience. We do the majority of the footwork, allowing you to enjoy the competition, and take part in judging, announcing, and interacting with competitors.

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Reviews from our Hosts

After our gym expansion one of the first things we wanted to do with our new space was host a SuperFit competition. We’ve always been impressed with their programming and the balance they achieve in being challenging yet responsible. What we didn’t know was how easy it would be to host a competition of this scale. The SuperFit process was really smooth. We filled out an online form specifying all of the equipment we had and provided specifications for gym layout as well as photos of the space. Based on this they came up with the programming and flow of the event. They also didn’t let our equipment completely limit the programming. They wanted to do an axle bar event, we didn’t have axle bars, so they brought them. Our clock didn’t do the intervals they wanted so they brought a clock that did. They also brought extra bumpers just in case. They were overly cautious about everything and that really put us at ease.

Aside from filling out the online form, our only other responsibility was to get volunteers. Once we had a volunteer group together, SuperFit took over from there. They assigned the tasks and managed them during the event.

The event itself greatly exceeded our expectations. The heats flowed right according to their timeline, the real time scoring was projected onto a large screen for everyone to see, and their sound system provided a DJ quality feel and atmosphere. From athlete check-in to the podium, it was 100% professional and we got to spend our time focused on our athletes competing and enjoying the event. We can’t wait to host our next SuperFit event.
— Jay Forrester, Brickhouse CrossFit