Frequently Asked Questions

Should I do Novice, Intermediate, or RX? +

Look back at previous SuperFit workouts, and think about whether or not you can do the majority of the weights and movements listed. If you can do most of the “Girl” workouts as prescribed, you should probably do the RX division. However, some of our workouts involve weights much heavier than the “girls”. If you have placed first, second, or third at a SuperFit event as a novice in the current season, you cannot compete as a novice any longer for that season. We want our competitors to continually challenge themselves!

For a full list of movements in each division, go here.

When are workouts released? +

We typically release our workouts 48 hours before the event. They’ll be released to Facebook and the SuperFit Games site.

I've submitted a change in registration. How do I know it's going through? +

At this point, we receive a very high volume of registration changes leading up to each event. Unfortunately, we can’t respond to each one individually, but if you’ve submitted your change request on time, you’ll be good to go. We release the competitor lists 72 hours before the event. You’ll be able to check your registration then, and if there’s something we didn’t address, we’ll gladly fix it.

When are heat lists and competitors lists released? +

We generally release these 72 hours before the event, to give us time to process registration changes.

I volunteered, why haven't I received any additional information yet? +

You’ll get 1-2 e-mails from SuperFit staff within 10 days before the event. We’ll send you general task assignment, an event schedule, and all other pertinent information.

What kind of sweet prizes do I get if I win? +

First – other than our season finale/championship events, there are NO CASH PRIZES. If you want the big cash prizes, check out the CrossFit Games. Our prizes come from our awesome sponsors, and can include goods and discounts, usually each ranging in value from $10-$100 per. Examples may include fish oil, supplements, small workout-related items (jump ropes, wraps), apparel, log books, and food. RX division winners will also receive credit or discount toward a future SuperFit event.

We give out custom SuperFit medals. These are one of a kind, and allow us to give everyone on a team something to commemorate their success. In the past, we’ve only been able to give one trophy per team – and who wants a trophy you could pick up at any local awards shop?

How do I change my team name, division or exchange my ticket? +

You can make changes up to 30 days prior to an event with the official form found here. You can make changes to divisions and exchange tickets up to 30 days before the event. For team events, we allow you to change competitors and team names on the DAY of the event at registration, but you cannot change the makeup of a team (i.e. you can’t make a Male-Male a Male-Female Team or change divisions). Bring your original printed registration to check in, and we will take care of it. You need to bring the original ticket to registration.

I bought a ticket and want a refund +

We do not offer refunds. Event planning and logistics are too complicated to make changes, so please make sure you can attend your event or exchange your ticket at least 30 days in advance.

I’m Not A CrossFitter (or have little experience in these sorts of events). Should I still compete? +

We expect athletes to have at least six months of exposure to high intensity training prior to competing in our events. Regardless of your athletic background, we’ll make it challenging and exciting for you.

For experienced CrossFitters, we’ll have events that challenge you. We promise.